Calamity James??

This all came about when my housemate, Ed, suggested I was rather accident prone (very true) and reminded him of a character from The Beano (see his Wikipedia entry). I must admit at first I found it a tad insulting, but the nickname has really grown on me, so I decided to name my blog and domain name the same!

Here’s a quote from the Wikipedia article:

[Calamity] James is, apparently, the unluckiest boy in the world. He has a pet lemming, Alexander (whose favourite pastime is plummeting from a large height) who oftens helps James overcome his fate, although Alexander rather likes to see him suffer.

James regularly wears a shirt with the number 13 on it, probably the cause of his disastrous nature. However, even without the shirt, James is still unlucky. In the early years he was seen with a black rain cloud floating above his head.
A recurring feature in the strip is the appearance in the background of generally absurdly named buildings including a “Laughably Obvious Wig Factory” and “Knicker Elastic Testing Sheds”. There have even been large storage tanks labelled “Town Emergency Custard Supply” and “Town Tomato Sauce Supply”, each with their respective contents overflowing out of the top.
Often there are items like million pound notes or chests of treasure in the background, but James is always looking in the other direction or talking to someone, so he does not notice them.

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