Spotify Invites

Update: Blimey that was quick! All gone for the moment, I should have a couple more on or around the 17th June. If anyone wants to post any more on here in the meantime in the comments, feel free!

I thought I’d add these here. I get 2 a month for being on Premium, these are for Spotify Free, simply paste in the invite code on that page!

NB: These will only work in countries where Spotify is available, currently: Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France, Spain or The Netherlands.

If it doesn’t work, try the next one in the list. I’ll add more as I get them each month and cross out the used ones!

  • dGnbudxmugu3yYVX
  • b4W95Dd3W4FYHBGt
  • aNsRyhfVgJghkchw
  • ceGx8DSDSNYWTPz6
  • e4bdXPyMqCChcs57
  • fAkn4BdqB9HPgEL8

All gone (01/06/2010).