How come…

…Orange can have a phone in stock on their website, but the upgrades team not have them in stock, saying they get a different stock to the website. Well send me one of those then!! You’re all part of the same company!!

*sigh* still waiting for my license and new phone in case you hadn’t guessed!


The DVLA: Rubbish

It’s a shame my first real post to this blog is going to be a rant, but the DVLA have got my back right up today.

I finally sent my license off to have the address changed from my parents’ house to where I currently live as I needed proof of address for a new bank account. I sent it Royal Mail recorded on Weds August 9th and it was delivered on the 10th.

I left it for a week then went on holiday for a couple of weeks, expecting to see it on my doorstep when I got back. 3 weeks later and still no license so I give DVLA a call.

They tell me they haven’t received a change of address request in their system, basically they haven’t done anything with the license yet. I tell them it was delivered 3 weeks ago and I know this, and the only thing the guy on the other end of the phone could suggest to me was “wait another week or so”. So you’re telling me so far it’s taken my driving license over 3 weeks to get from your front door at DVLA House to some guys desk so they can just update my record and reprint my photocard and counterpart?? Unbelievable! I hear horror stories about the DVLA but never believed them until today!

I’ll call back in a week and have a proper go at them.

On a side note, the phone I wanted to upgrade to, the Orange SPV M3100, is out of stock too so I’ll probably have to wait a month for that too!


Attempt at a blog number 3

Well this is my third ever WordPress blog, and i WILL keep this one up to date, I promise.

I’ll post stuff about my life, my car, basically anything to do with me will end up either here, or on my Flickr Account.

First of all, the name: Calamity James. This all came about when my housemate, Ed, suggested I was rather accident prone (very true) and reminded him of a character from The Beano (see his Wikipedia entry). I must admit at first I found it a tad insulting, but the nickname has really grown on me, so I decided to name my blog and domain name the same!

I could go on for longer but I have work to be getting on with so I’ll catch up with you all later!

Calamity James 😉