Crowdsourcing new music for 2016!

Ahoy there!

For 2016 I’m looking to broaden my outlook with music, and not just listen to what Radio 1, Radio X etc decide is their “track of the week”. So if you have Spotify, I’d like to crowd-source some new music. I’ve made a collaborative playlist (which means anyone can add to it).

Basically if you hear something (ideally new) that you think “cor that’s freaking awesome”, please add it to this list.

I don’t care of the genre, my tastes are pretty eclectic anyway. I experimented with this back when Spotify launched in 09 and it worked quite well so let’s see how well this works!

There’s no easy way to follow a playlist from this link, so just click Play on Spotify, then you’ll be able to follow it.

(People with Spotify installed can use this URI to launch Spotify directly)

If anyone’s interested, here’s how the first experiment went

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