HOW TO: Revert awful Digital Spy layout

It seems they don’t take kindly to lots of people shunning their new layout, so removed my post telling you how to remove all the crap.

So I’ve blogged it instead! 😀

If you have Greasemonkey for Firefox or Google Chrome simply click this link to apply my changes! 🙂


Update: It looks like they’ve taken the Digital Spy Forums offline, will it be to make changes to the layout or just to circumvent the userscripts? We’ll see!

5 comments on “HOW TO: Revert awful Digital Spy layout”

  1. Seems the DS forums are down …..
    \ Temporary Service Outage

    Due to scheduled maintenance, the Digital Spy forums are currently closed. We are working hard to rectify the problem and hope to be open for business again soon so please try again later. In the meantime, do visit the news site at \

    Hmmm! Change back maybe? or a block to your tweeking .. :mrgreen:

  2. Haha yeah I noticed that too,

    I’ve turned off my tweaks and it’s still down. I’m HOPING for them to change it back, but you never know, they could be just changing the names of the script to avoid my blocks.

    If they decide to take that route then I’ll just update my script 🙂

  3. A case of wait and see..
    What I can’t understand is why any of the mods haven’t posted a response to members thoughts of the new look to the forums.

  4. I hope they at least tell people why they deleted posts, I know DS can just ban people out of nowhere and don’t fancy my December 2002 join date getting lost! 😆

  5. Maybe they’re just punishing us for slagging off the their hard work 🙄 , must have been an office party when they thought of that look for the forums..

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