HOW TO: Avoid a £4.99 charge from 123-Reg for .UK WHOIS privacy

Unbelievably, 123-Reg now charge £4.99 for a service that Nominet provides FOR FREE.

This is following on from their decision to start charging for IPS tag changes, which was equally unpopular.

It’s pretty straightforward to get round though, just follow these instructions.

Don’t have a Nominet account?

You’ll need one:

  1. Go to this page and enter the email address you entered when registering your domain name
  2. If all is well, you should get a link emailed to you to set a password
  3. Set up a password then follow the instructions below
  4. Already have a Nominet account?

    1. Log in here
    2. Find the domain name you want to enable WHOIS privacy for and click the first Edit button:
    3. Simply click the yes button for WHOIS Opt Out and click Save:
    4. nominet2

    5. That’s it! If you do a WHOIS soon after you should see your personal details have been opted-out, for nothing!

    I must say, all these sneaky charges that 123-Reg are introducing are starting to make me re-consider using them. However we currently have around 150 domain names managed with them, so in practice this is not that easy to do!

    Hopefully this helps you though if you, like me, are amazed that they want to charge you £4.99 for ticking a box!

    Until next time (probably 2018 judging by the date of my last post!),

HOW TO: Revert awful Digital Spy layout

It seems they don’t take kindly to lots of people shunning their new layout, so removed my post telling you how to remove all the crap.

So I’ve blogged it instead! 😀

If you have Greasemonkey for Firefox or Google Chrome simply click this link to apply my changes! 🙂


Update: It looks like they’ve taken the Digital Spy Forums offline, will it be to make changes to the layout or just to circumvent the userscripts? We’ll see!

Spotify Invites

Update: Blimey that was quick! All gone for the moment, I should have a couple more on or around the 17th June. If anyone wants to post any more on here in the meantime in the comments, feel free!

I thought I’d add these here. I get 2 a month for being on Premium, these are for Spotify Free, simply paste in the invite code on that page!

NB: These will only work in countries where Spotify is available, currently: Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France, Spain or The Netherlands.

If it doesn’t work, try the next one in the list. I’ll add more as I get them each month and cross out the used ones!

  • dGnbudxmugu3yYVX
  • b4W95Dd3W4FYHBGt
  • aNsRyhfVgJghkchw
  • ceGx8DSDSNYWTPz6
  • e4bdXPyMqCChcs57
  • fAkn4BdqB9HPgEL8

All gone (01/06/2010).



CoPilot Live for Android – Google Checkout number invalid

UPDATE: CoPilot finally solved my problem by resetting my Google Checkout number on their system, might be worth asking them to do that if you’re having the same problems!

Seeing as there doesn’t seem to be much relating to this error on Google. Well, there does, but never a resolution (or people are unwilling to share the solution they received from CoPilot).

I had the notorious “Google Checkout number invalid” error, and after re-installing the app, then received this error when trying to log in to my CoPilot account (on the phone): Sorry! Your CoPilot Trial Has Expired – Error 703

So, for the benefit of those of you out there who encounter this problem, here’s the email I received from CoPilot regarding this problem.

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