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Welcome to another app review!

Today, I’m going to be reviewing Sushi Calculator! – an application that tallies up how much you’ve spent at Yo Sushi. I mean, let’s be honest, staring at a pile of coloured empty plates isn’t going to calculate your bill is it?

I stumbled across this app over the weekend when at Yo Sushi in Bluewater with my girlfriend as I wanted to decide if we’d spent enough on their delicious sushi, or if we could justify a dessert. To my surprise, this app has only had 100-500 downloads at the time of writing, so I felt I’d give it some space on my blog.

Put simply: This application is fantastic! It gives you a running tally of your order, and even remembers this if you’ve gone to do something else on your phone.

It also has damn near every single thing on the Yo Sushi menu, even down to sundries, so if you’ve a penchant for their Santa Serena Sauvignon Blanc, or even just a few bottles of Sprite, then this app caters for that too.

A neat addition that I understand is lacking in a few other apps, is the discount feature, which allows you to apply a %age discount to the food, drink, or both! This is hidden away via the context menu though, so this could maybe feature a bit more prominently in the app itself.

One minor criticism is that there’s nowhere to add a gratuity. Now, at Yo Sushi you don’t actually get that much in the way of service anyway as it’s by design very self sufficient, but their card machines have a gratuity option and there is a tip bowl there so I thought that would be a nice addition.

Nitpicking now, but the only other thing I could think of is maybe adopt a more Android-y feel to it. The app doesn’t really adhere to any Android design guidelines, and I think maybe tabbing the plate selection with the extras menu would remove the need for the ‘Extras’ plate, and also allow for a more uniform experience. This doesn’t really detract from what the app does though, and like I said is a pretty low-priority thing.


I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who even only casually eats at Yo Sushi, I’ve only eaten there twice myself but this app proved invaluable this weekend, the ads don’t get in the way either which I thought was a nice touch.



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