App Review: Balance Alert for T-Mobile (TMobNotify)

I thought I’d try my hand at a bit of an app review today, mainly because I think this app deserves a bit more publicity!

The app I’m reviewing today is: Balance Alert for T-Mobile, also known as TMobNotify.

As its name suggests, it won’t be much use to you if you don’t use T-Mobile! However if you’re lucky enough to have a contract with them, then this app is definitely worth a look.

Let’s get to the thorny issue of the price first. It’s 79p. There, that wasn’t so bad was it?

What you get for this paltry sum is an app that will periodically log you into your T-Mobile account and monitor your usage (or Flext balance if you’re so inclined), unbilled costs, and alert if you if you hit the limits you have set in the configuration:

Configuration itself is a doddle, simply enter your “My T-Mobile” login details, choose whether you have a Combi or Flext plan, and set the relevant allowance alerts:

Once enabled, the service checks your account balance at intervals you specify (the default is every 3 hours).

The overview screen now provides all the information at-a-glance:

For those who love their information however, there’s a handy “Get Non-Allowance Breakdown” button which shows you any calls/texts that have been billed outside your normal allowance (for example text short codes like Radio 1’s 81199 etc), and also gives you the total data you’ve used this month, useful if you’re on a cap, or want to avoid hitting a fair-usage policy!

All-in-all, this is a super handy app for anyone on T-Mobile that wants to get a quick look at their account on their phone, without having to go through the rigmarole of logging into T-Mobiles site on your phone, or texting BA or AL to 150 and getting a very concise and rather useless text back!

The only two things I think that would make this app perfect right now would be:

  • Some sort of homescreen widget that displayed your balance and minutes/texts remaining.
  • Balance of boosters, for example a text or data booster.


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Balance Alert for T-Mobile


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  1. Hi – Just stumbled across your review. Thanks for having a look at the application – I’ve just fixed a minor ‘restart’ bug and an orientation one. Unfortunately interest in it seems to have dwindled to virtually non-existent but if you think people would be again I will make the additional changes you suggested. Many thanks – Tom.

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